Live 15/8/20 - RAW 32 (Němčice)

 Live set CRY OF HUMANS at RAW 32 (Němčice/CZ) 15.8.20.




Raw 32 - Mini Fest

*******Raw 32 - Mini Fest******
***15.08.20 - Němčice***

KIBERA - crust-punk - Hella

TRAPPED - grind-hardcore - Čelákovice

MIKExWAZOWSKI - crust-grind - Mladá Boleslav

TERMINATOR X - power-violence - Praha

SOUND OF VIOLENCE - grind-violence - Domažlice

FORREST TRUMP - power-violence/fastcore - Domažlice

CHÁTRA SS - raw punk - Praha

DELIRIUM TREMENS - punk rock - Jena

DISAVOIR VIVRE - crust-punk - Domažlice

SAY RAID - fast/hc - Hella

DARMSIGNAL - punk - Auerbach

CRY OF HUMANS - one man noise attack - Plzeň

***the first & the last gig of the year, probably***


CRY OF HUMANS - ...still! MC out now!

One side recycle cassette of CRY OF HUMANS. One track about 9+ minutes of noise storm on the boat that still not sinking. Black´n´white cover, 5 + 3 pieces. Write for your copy: trojka007@seznam.cz, listen or download on bandcamp:


M16 - E​.​P.

M16 - new project of members NBDY, CRY OF HUMANS and VIOLENCE JUNKIE. Harsh noise power violence worship. Out soon on MC as part of the Violent Oppression zine.


*Harsh NOi!se the way of life!*


VIOLENCE JUNKIE / CRY OF HUMANS - Fuck control split MC out now!

Split of two orthodox noise warriors out now via Violent oppression recs. and Raw zine recs. Side one - five minute track of each one and on the other side massive noise collaboration storm! Black´n´red cover, red casset, 30 pieces. Write for your copy: trojka007@seznam.cz, price 3€ + postage. Listen or download on bandcamp: